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Belgian Royal African Union (BRAU)

Avenue de l'Hippodrome 50

B -1050 Brussels

Association Founded in 1912

Ets / Ond. n ° 0408.628.237



Renier Nijskens


Board of directors:


Renier Nijskens, President

Philippe Fabry, Executive Officer

Luc Dens, Vice-President and Acting Treasurer

Fernand Hessel, Secretary

Patrick Balemba

Guido Bosteels

Philippe Jacquij

Guy Lambrette

Afata Litombo

Guylain Luwere

Jean-Paul Rousseau


Honorary members:


Justine Kasa Vubu

André Schorochoff

André de Maere d'Aertrijcke

Robert Devriese

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