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"URBA also wants to take action for the future"


The first association of African elders to see the light of day was the Royal African Circle founded on 7 December 1889 and presided over by General Albert Thys, the illustrious creator of the Bas-Congo railway linking Matadi to Leopoldville. The association had two objectives: to maintain between its members a center of patriotism and to develop a center of union, exchange of ideas, documentation, and pleasure. It regularly met at 5 Place Royale, at the Globe Tavern. At the time of its fiftieth-anniversary...


Here are the aims of URBA as defined in article 4 of its revised statutes:


The mission of URBA is as follows:


° Promote the collective memory of the work accomplished by the Belgians in Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi from the origins to date;

° Save and invigorate the privileged links between Belgium, Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi;

° Coordinate and promote the collective interests of its members;

° Bring together Belgians, Congolese, Rwandans & Burundians who wish to cooperate to create positive dynamic relations between these countries;

° Contribute to the rapprochement of the peoples of these four countries by effective action against all forms of misinformation about them and by promoting the collective writing of factual and scientific history of their relations;

° Explore, study and propose mutually beneficial cooperation strategies for their populations.



Last update of the statutes (general meeting of 08/11/2019)

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